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Trailers overturned car - Highway 70 congestion for more than 20 hours    4:48:11 PM | 24/05/2011
Due to the rain, wet road, folding corners, the driver has not mastered driving a car load of 51 tons of phosphate transport across the street was turned over to the traffic congestion for 20 hours.
Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Van Questions - Team of three provinces of Yen Bai Police said the 1:30 am on 23/12, on highway 70, (km 47 + 600), belonging to Tan Huong commune, Yen Binh district, Yen Bai vehicle load 51 tons, tractors BKS 30k - 0400, 29R-trailers carrying BKS - 0927 (on the truck phosphate) by the driver Nguyen Duc Thien, SN 1984, residing in the Middle Son - Nam Son - Province Bac Ninh control the direction of Lao Cai - Hanoi had turned over to the street level and at the same time a negative slope on the outside right foot was near the top of the vehicle overturned, fortunately without human losses.

Traffic congestion for more than 20 hours (GUIs)

The cause was identified as due to rain, slippery roads, folded corners, the driver has not mastered the wheel. Immediately after the incident, the Department of Transportation in cooperation with Yen Bai Co. 242 and the traffic police forces of Yen Bai province troubleshooting. Particle transport 2 (limited liability company under 242) were transported on ice blocks carried 50 extended road side embankments tatuy negative lesions. However, the road only be temporary, then a few hours later a car load to go through this machine has died at the wheel and subsidence area rock embankment slope is negative. To 21h on the same day, back roads completely blocked, which means no one is saved through this territory. Police were out in force divided into two groups, standing in the road closing down 3 miles 9 and 34 to conduct tree classification for the first sweep, reverse passes, Van Yen district. Other forces have supported the transportation of phosphate, while the tonnage of the crane to lift large vehicles unturned.

Expected traffic routes will be completely finished before 0h on 24.12.

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